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5 Travel Experiences Every Girl Should Have Before Turning 30

5 travel experiences every girl should have before turning 30

It’s nice to believe that age is nothing but a number, but when you hit 30, there is no denying that you are starting to get old. Your body goes through a dramatic change, denying you the bursting energy and gusto you normally hard before. Your interests start to change and you realize you may not have the stamina you once had.

The world is gigantic with its different continents, countries, regions and boulevards. Apparently, a large number of people existing on the planet will never get the chance to explore and experience a quarter of it all, but that does not stop anyone from trying. That being said, it is certainly best to squeeze as much travel adventures as you can into you 20s! With little savings, a spontaneous approach, and of course, lots of young-blood-energy, you are inimitably well-positioned to take advantage of travel during these years.

We have put together 5 travel experiences any girl with a bit of wanderlust should strive to experience before they turn 30. Adventure calls!

Escape to a remote village and live like a local

You do not have to wait for NYSC to post you to a remote village or some task to take you there. Your village does not count either. Nigeria has so many villages thanks to its diverse ethnicities and tribes. Find a map and randomly select a village, pack your bag and get moving. Spend about a week or two at least in the place –long enough to pick up something concrete from the locality. If you are from Abia state, you could visit a village in Nassarawa or Osun state. Also, you could select a village in any other part of the world including Saudi Arabia, India or Ethiopia. Simply sitting still for a few days and really living like a local is an extremely rewarding experience.

Summit a mountain

A mountain is frequently used as an anecdote to highlight an obstacle or blockage, and in any case, it has a peak that brings relief, success or freedom…unless it is a physical situation, you reach the summit and you have to climb down again. There are so many mountains in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large that you can climb for an ultimate adventure, however, it does not have to be Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii, Mount Everest in Nepal or Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. You simply just go for Chappal Waddi Mountain or Shere hills in Nigeria.The main idea is to get yourself feeling utterly alive and conquerous.

Discover all of the best tourist’s sites in your home city

There is barely any city or state that is lacking in tourist sites. From landmarks to historical sites, every city and suburb have something unique and special to offer its visitors. Set out on a mission to discover every single site located within your home state or city, even if it is not the area you are originally from. The experience fills you with more knowledge about you place of inhabitation and helps you interact better with the society. It is best to go on this tourist site chase before you are 30 as that is when you have enough zeal and excitement to appreciate the uniqueness of each site. You are also less critical and much more eager to share the information with friends and on the social media.

Rent an old car and go on a road trip. Alone

This entails merging two powerful travel experiences – road trip and solo travel – for an ultimate, epic one; and the best to do it is before you turn 30. At 30 you should have developed enough confidence and worldly knowledge already, enough to wake up in a foreign country and know how to get around, then back home. Renting an old car and going on a road trip allows you to slowly explore vast horizons, see things you have never seen before, and gain new experiences. And it is formative and wonderful to do it all alone. Remember though: no road trip is complete until you spontaneously park on the side of a desolate road and take pictures!

Have one close encounter with a wild animal

It is amazing to think that some people go through their entire lives never actually seeing or even touching a wild animal. Agreed, there is a reason they are termed “wild”- they can be dangerous. However, the rush of adrenaline that comes from getting in close proximity to them or having an actual experience with them is unbeatable. And it is something you will enjoy more as a young person under 30 as you are less prone to heart attack or adrenalin complications. From swimming with dolphins to petting crocodile, it is an experience best had with animals in the wild, either while on a safari or while visiting a nature park.


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