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5 Spots in Lagos That Appeal to Music Lovers

5 spots in Lagos that appeal to music lovers

Musicians in the country and around the world come to Lagos, Nigeria, per time to perform or just break into the local music industry. This is not a surprise as the city caters to every musical taste: Jazz, Afrobeat, Nigerian dancehall to Hip hop e.t.c, and offers countless opportunities to enjoy a wide range of music at concerts, festivals, and venues of all sizes.

If you are a music fan, then Lagos could be the city for you. Read on to discover five spots in Lagos that appeal to music lovers.

The Afrika Shrine

The African Shrine has been a Lagos favourite for many years and many expected it to fade away after it got burnt down, however the new replacement, run by Femi and Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti, remains a cool spot for groups and friends to hang, and is still going from strength to strength. The venue hosts live music and also provides culinary services as well as a serving of knowledge in African politics. There are free shows on Thursday, or on the last Saturdays of the month: Afrobeats Sessions with Seun Kuti - and you are certain to have a good time listening to good music and mingling.

Muson Center

A prestigious performance hall in Lagos, MUSON Centre, is a fountain of music, arts and culture and one of many important stops in Lagos for music lovers. Aside from holding a music school, the venue also hosts special music events and concerts all through the year. On occasion, studios even use it for movie premiers and theatre performance. The venue is frequently praised for its superior acoustics and the orchestra’s ability. The concert season usually starts in June and ends in December.

The Eko Convention Centre

An architectural beauty, the Eko Convention centre is one of the most enduring centers for music events in Lagos. Throughout the year, internationally famous music acts, like Chris brown and Trey songs, as well as popular local acts take to the stage in various concerts and shows. Rhythm Unplugged; Love Like A Movie etc are also among annual events that music lovers can look forward to attending at this venue.

Terra Kulture

One of the hottest spots for arty music lovers in Lagos, Terra Kulture has an excellent reputation for being a friendly and welcoming dance venue. It however only features live music on Fridays to mark TGIF, it may only be suitable for the most ardent music enthusiasts. Aptly named and located at Tiamiyu Savage in Victoria Island, it is an self-effacing and welcoming space, where you can chat, relax, read and enjoy good music if you are inclined to do so. Essentially, it is a meeting place for a more varied artistic scene including musicians, poets, writers and artists.

Jazz Hole

A diverse venue that attracts both local and international artists, the Jazz Hole is a small cafe in the Ikoyi suburb of Lagos that features a collection of vintage books, music record, art and jazz music, giving it an air of art meets intellectualism. During the day, the venue is essentially a meeting place for a more varied artistic scene including musicians, poets, writers and artists. Perfectly positioned in the historic center of Lagos Island’s nightlife, it becomes more of a live music venue in the evenings, with the emphasis being on Soul and Jazz.


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