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How To Choose A Fishing Rod And How To Make It Last

No sportsman wins by sheer talent alone. No matter how talented a sportsman is, if his equipment is not good enough, his chances of winning will remain slim. That is because his equipment will hinder rather than help his game. A runner needs good shoes to run. A bowler needs a bowling ball that weighs and fits right in his hand. The same goes with a fisherman and his fishing rod.

Fishing in the deepsea with fishing rod

Fishing is a sport that many people find enjoyable. It is always a challenge to get the elusive fish to bite the bait, and sitting still for hours on the end just to be able to catch fish can be very relaxing. But regardless of the challenge and the relaxation that fishing offers, the goal of fishing is still to catch some fish. Barring bad luck and circumstances that are really unfavorable for fishing, a good fishing rod is necessary for a good catch.

If you are a beginner at fishing, it is perfectly all right to use a simple fishing rod and reel – nothing spiffy and nothing fancy. When you are just starting out with fishing, you only need to have a feel for the sport. You only need to learn your way around the different baits used for fishing, and you need to learn to recognize conditions and circumstances that are favorable for fishing. If the circumstances are unfavorable, you would need to learn how to turn them in your favor.

A simple fishing rod is good for beginners. But once you have earned a few experience points with the art of angling, you would want a good fishing rod that is designed for advanced users, a fishing rod that will really get your game going. In this case, how do you choose a fishing rod that is just right for your needs?

In order for you to make this decision, you need to know first just what kind of fishing you will be specializing in. Deep sea fishing is tough, so if you are thinking of going more into deep sea fishing, you will need a really tough fishing rod. The fishing rod you would be using if you will be fishing in shallow waters does not have to be as strong as those used in deep sea fishing.

And then, you need to decide what kind of fish you would be going for. Some fish are bigger than the others. The bigger the fish is, the longer the fishing rod that you would need to make use of when fishing. If you are content with catching small kinds of fish, your fishing rod does not need to be more than around four or six inches. Going for the bigger game, on the other hand, would require fishing rods bigger than six inches.

Flexibility is also a necessary trait when choosing a fishing rod. It is important that your fishing rod is flexible, something that can withstand heavyweight fish and something that will not snap at your face when you cast it or fight against a struggling fish. When shopping for a fishing rod, do not hesitate to hold it in your hand and make a few test casts to see how it performs under your control.

Once you have found the fishing rod that you think is right for you, go ahead and buy it and do not spare yourself the expense. A good fishing rod is an investment, and if you chose well, it can last you for many, many years if you maintain it properly.

Not sure yet just what kind of fishing rod you should buy? Then go ahead and buy a few secondhand fishing rods. Once you have found the right fishing rod to invest in, you can always sell your secondhand fishing rods or give them away. Do not spend a fortune on fishing rods that you know by gut feeling will not work well with you.

Now, a good fishing rod is a good investment that will give you years and years of angling enjoyment. But that will only happen if you maintain your fishing rod properly. Maintaining your fishing rod is simple – it only requires regular cleaning and oiling.

To clean your fishing rod, you start with removing the reel from the rod and washing the reel with warm water and drying it thoroughly. After that, get a screw driver and unscrew the reel plate and handle so you could get a look at the inside of the reel.

Once you have the reel’s inside exposed, carefully remove all the dirt and debris you find inside the reel with a few Q-tips. Be absolutely certain that you have removed every bit of dirt out. And then, once the reel is clean, lubricate the gears inside the reel and replace the reel plate and the handle.

Fishing is an enjoyable sport, but to get the most enjoyment out of it, you would need to use a fishing rod that will work well with you. When you have already invested on a fishing rod, protect your investment by maintaining it regularly and properly.


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