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Is Bigger Really Better?

When you got married, you said the words of commitment we all know so well about for better or worse, for richer or for poorer and so on. Those words are wonderfully inspiring, but real life sometimes make those vows seem as if they are mocking couples after they’ve been married for several years. The vows aren’t the problem because they are simply defining true commitment. What becomes difficult is keeping the love and romance alive in a marriage.

If you can think back to the first year you and your spouse were dating (or weeks for some!) before getting married, try and recall how overwhelming that feeling of love was for that person. When you remember, try to think about doing something so huge that it reflects the amount of love you once felt and continue to feel for your spouse.

When thinking about what you can do to express how you feel towards your spouse, think as big as you can while considering financial restrictions. You won’t need to use baby steps when trying to be romantic. When it comes to showing your love and commitment in any marriage, bigger is ALWAYS better.

You know the big cardboard box that the new appliance was delivered in? You remember because it caused some financial strain between you and your spouse. It was also a source of conflict because you both had something different in mind when picking it out. Take the big cardboard box and make a card out of it. Simply cut out two of the larger sides keeping the natural fold as the center of your card, tape or glue paper bags to cover up and unwanted wording on the outside and make the biggest card he or she will ever receive. The sentiment is up to you, as you know best what he or she needs to hear.

Make a jumbo sized banner for your love. Tape construction paper together or you can order a banner just by doing a quick search on the Internet. Try to make your banner at least 12 feet long and decorate it yourself. You can get stencils at your local craft store if your handwriting simply won’t compliment your effort.

Have you every seen your local high school(s) holding fundraisers? You can offer your local high school’s marching band, choir or other entertainment ensemble a donation in order to serenade your spouse at home. Imagine the surprise on your spouse’s face when he or she hears their favorite song playing live from the front yard! If you go for something this big, make sure you remember to videotape it so that you can relive it over and over again.

You don’t have to be dramatic or especially outrageous in order to pull off a big, loving gesture for your spouse. Even the most reserved and quiet person can find it in them to put a banner together or cut some cardboard for the one that they love. Many people who have already enjoyed the results of their efforts proudly display their “big” romantic gift permanently in their home or they placed it securely in a safe place.


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