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Looking to Have Some Quiet Time in Lagos? Check Out These 4 Spots

4 places to have quiet time in Lagos

It is true that Lagos is the heart of Nigeria and it lures the crowds – both local from other states and tourists from other parts of the world. As a result, some prominent features of the city include its traffic-clogged streets, as well as the almost non-existent sense of space and calm. Those seeking serenity, however, should not be put off, the city still offers a number of under-the-radar spots where visitors can escape the crowds and enjoy a more sedate environment.

If you are looking to have some quiet time in Lagos, Jumia Travel has listed a few places where travelers can escape the hustle and have a marvelous and quiet time.

Lekki Conservation Centre

Located on Lekki Peninsula, the Lekki Conservation centre is one of the best places to escape from the hustling and bustling of Lagos life. The expanse land of Lekki conservation facing Chevron directly, about 78 hectare of reserved forest, gives you a chance to take a trip into the jungle where you get to experience wildlife and biodiversity first hand. There are no wild animals in the centre, but you are almost certain to see monkeys, and if you get lucky you might see baby crocodiles and some snakes. Generally, you get the feeling you're no longer in Lagos.

La Campagne Tropicana Resort

A serene paradise located at Ikegan, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area, the La Campagne Tropicana resort is barely two hours away from the busy crowds at the heart of Lagos. It is a luxury resort in Lagos made for quiet, off-the-grid hideaways. You can spend some quiet time alone or with a lover in this destination, enjoying such exciting activities as canoeing, hiking, hunting, horse riding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling and ocean water fishing.

Omenka Gallery

Super hungry and looking for where you can satiate your gastric cravings while enjoying art and gaining a measure of serenity? Omenka gallery, located at Ikoyi is the perfect spot. Probably, one of the best places in Lagos to pass an afternoon by yourself or with a group of friends, the gallery offers an exhibition of modern and contemporary art as well as a serene environment for meditation if you are not really into art. In the same location is the restaurant where you can sit amidst lush greenery and enjoy not just a palatable meal, but a view of the Atlantic ocean as well.

Atican Beach

A private beach located along Abraham Adesanya Road, Ajah, Lagos, Atican Beach is a beautiful relaxation spot. Its white fine sand, clean beach environment, surrounding lodging, and restaurant make it a striking destination for those seeking a bit of solitude and serenity or fun in a natural environment free of danger. Within its confines are two mischievous baboons, one tied to a tree trunk and the other (younger) is allowed to roam freely. The roaming baboon is about the greatest and most fascinating attraction at the Atican Beach.


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