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Haida Gwaii Accommodations: Important Things To Know

Haida Gwai Accommodation

A trend has been going on in the past few years regarding visits to certain areas in British Columbia. In particular many people are increasing their visits to the Haida Gwaii archipelago and thus there are increases in searches for Haida Gwaii accommodations. Before you do choose a hotel and make a visit, this article hopes to give you more information about what the place has to offer.

Haida Gwaii, being an island chain, will definitely have a majority of its activities to be water related or involving water. A year round activity that many go to the islands for are various kinds of whale watching which occurs year round.

As with any ecological observation tour, the frequency of you being able to catch a good view or glimpse of orcas, humpbacks and gray whales will depend on the season and month. However, this is still considered the best place in the whole world to watch these species of whales. In any case, always do some advanced research regarding best viewing times.

Those who do not want to spend too much time on the water can enjoy a myriad of land based activities as well. The islands do have quite a few hiking trails and camping spots available and these can in turn be coupled with some kayaking and fishing. A quite popular combination of activities involves biking or hiking in the early morning and finishing this off with just lounging or lazing around the beach until early evening.

The Haida are a friendly people and are the local inhabitants of the islands. If learning about local history and culture is your cup of tea, they would be more than happy to indulge you. It is, however recommended that you read up on some aspects of their culture beforehand to avoid embarrassing situations and questions.

When one does travel to each of the islands, one will notice quite a few totem poles erected and strewn about. These are actually the recorded history of each of the families on the island and deserve much respect. These totem poles are remarkably similar to Alaskan totems, since the Haida also inhabit large parts of that region. Thus their culture is quite widespread.

It will take you the better part of four days, more or less, to be fully immersed in local culture and learn all about the local history. During this four day jaunt you can visit a lot of communities which have their own museums and displays of arts and crafts. Here you will learn about the bent wood techniques that are used by almost all North American Indian tribes to make their furniture and implements.

The archipelago in essence is far enough for you to feel isolated, and also near enough for you to reach. In fact it is just a mere two hours by plane and about eight hours by ferry or boat from Toronto.

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